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Get Fit is a private personal training studio started by Dallas Jones to help people get all the benefits of exercise whatever their experience level. Dallas’ comprehensive approach provides you with affordable personal training, nutrition counselling, as well as extended support that will make you want every day to be an active day.


Get Fit’s mission is to help people incorporate physical activity into their lifestyles. It’s not just about getting fit, it’s about staying fit and feeling great for the rest of your life.


The Get Fit approach focuses on five concepts to help people get fit, healthy, and happy:

Resistance training is one of the best things you can do for your body. It will make you stronger, increase your bode density, help relieve pain and bad posture by reversing muscular imbalances, and is a great thing to do indoor when its really yucky outside in Vancouver! With Dallas’ help, learn how to work out properly and have lots of fun in the process.
High intensity training pushes your body out of homeostasis (it’s equilibrium) so that it has to work really hard to find that balance again. Short periods of really high intensity exercise will make every system in your body stronger and in a shorter period of time than it would take during a typical cardio session. We are all busy, so go hard and get the most during your one hour session.
The Canadian recommendations for physical activity is to accumulate 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every week. Get Fit works with you to find activities you enjoy and ways to fit them into your schedule. It can be anything from walking and swimming to gardening or wind-surfing! Whatever gets your body moving. Or feel free to tag along on a Get Fit Activity Adventure, where we try something new like the grouse grind, snowshoeing, the Sun Run, or whatever sounds fun and active!
Everyone can always make improvements to their eating habits. Small changes can have significant effects and Get Fit is here to provide the support, knowledge, and motivation for you do make them. Fuel your body properly for your active lifestyle.
According to the research done at Get Fit by Dallas Jones, the single best indicator of adherence to an exercise program is fun. People that enjoy exercise keep doing it. That’s why Get Fit aims to find the activities that you like doing so that you can make it part of your lifestyle. Don’t set yourself up to fail by getting a gym membership and hitting the cardio area if you don’t like cardio. Come in to Get Fit and look through the Compendium of Physical Activities and see the thousands of activities listed and their intensities. There will be at least one that is fun for you!


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Lose Weight
Everyone knows exercise burn calories, but did you know that cardio and HIT training can help reduce your appetite and curb your cravings for unhealthy alternatives.
Better Posture
Strengthening your back muscles and increasing core strength helps you sit and stand up straight, and can help you avoid or reduce pain associated with bad posture.
Boost Your Confidence
Exercise can help you feel better about yourself. Weight training will increase your confidence in your ability to stick to an exercise program as well as the social aspect of working out or doing physical activity with friends.
Reduce Your Stress
Exercise releases endorphins that are your body’s natural stress-fighting agents. It also helps you clear your mind and plan out your daily tasks so you perform them more efficiently
Sleep Better
Regular exercise will help you get a better nights sleep. You will fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more energized.
Feel More Energized
Studies have shown that exercising in the middle of the day may make you feel tired right afterwards, but it can actually give you more energy and increase your productivity for the rest of the day.
Get Sick Less
Regular physical activity helps to boost your immune system overall. Studies have found that people who exercise get sick 50% less than people who don’t.
Feel Great
When you are getting all of these benefits how can you not feel great? Exercise has been proven to significantly improve people’s mood on days they exercise.

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